Zyxogen OmniMark II Device

Omnidirectional Printing and Applicator Component for Robotic Systems in Manufacturing

Advancements in assembly and fabrication industries require new solutions for hands-free operator instruction. Direct and visible information at the exact point of assembly is the new standard for accuracy and efficiency. To address these needs, ZYXOGEN® has linked its omnidirectional printing and application solutions to standard robotic apparatuses.

This new cobotic printing system is capable of drawing, writing and printing on contour surfaces of any material in any direction while subject to robotic control. The proprietary technology provides full capability to automatically apply proper patterns or outline of parts with related metadata (alphanumerical data) at a desired position and scale.


Print Thickness


  • The device is capable of spraying distances of 1MM to 20MM from the surface. Variable distances allow for achieving desired line width.
  • Droplet size: <100microns
  • The device has an Ethernet interface and can be controlled by a single computer or networked.
  • Mobile.
  • No clogging.
  • Ink able to adhere to different materials like aluminum, titanium, composites (e.g. carbon fiber/epoxy) and PEEK.
  • Ability to deliver ZYX Proprietary Formula or utilize spec nozzle for customer’s substances.
  • Low pressure system.
  • Omni-directional without loss of accuracy, speed, velocity, and such.

ZYXOGEN® has full service development capabilities to meet your custom printing and application requirements. For more information, please email contact@zyxogen.com.